Adolph Tidemand og Morten Müller # Sinclair`s landing in Romsdalen

Sinclair`s landing in Romsdalen

Adolph Tidemand


Year: 1876

Medium: Painting

Material: Oil on canvas

Period: Romanticism

Topic: Landscape, Stories

The painting is a smaller version of a picture commissioned in 1874 by Hans Rasmus Astrup, which was completed in April 1876 and is now in the Norwegian National Gallery. The landscape was painted by Morten Müller in a realistic style using broad brushstrokes, which invests the spectacular panorama with a lyrical intimacy. The rainy, cloudy landscape of Western Norway is indicated by nuances of green and grey, and a ray of sunlight illuminates the clouds over the fjord and the patch of snow on the mountain. The natural landscape makes its own statement, unaffected by the dramatic scene in the foreground, where an enemy troop of Scottish soldiers is landing. The figures were painted by Tidemand, who has subordinated them to the landscape composition, grouping them in the foreground in the form of a frieze. On the left, smoke rises from the burning farms and a group of soldiers are riding away from the fire, brutally driving a captured farmer. The landing craft are approaching from the right, each with its complement of men led by Colonel Sinclair, who has landed and ordered the arrest of a woman. Tidemand based his figures on two lines of the poem Zinklars Vise by Edvard Storm, written in 1781, that describe the lawless destruction perpetrated by the soldiers. The picture falls into the category of national history paintings, which depict important incidents in the life of the nation with the intention of strengthening national identity.


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