HAVE WE MET BEFORE? – 200 years of the collection // 23 November 2019–30 August 2020

HAVE WE MET BEFORE? – 200 years of the collection // 23 November 2019–30 August 2020

Have we met before? Lillehammer Art Museum is pleased to invite you to a new and exciting presentation of the art collection as you have never seen it before!

For the first time in many years the entire museum is the scene of a comprehensive and innovative presentation of the collection, including over 300 works ranging from the era of Romanticism to the present day. The collection is mounted on walls freshly painted in new colours, and tells stories about Norwegian art from new and diverse perspectives. How did the pioneers of painting actually travel around Norway in their search for wild Norwegian nature? What do Japanese woodcuts and Frits Thaulow’s landscapes have in common? How have children been depicted in art throughout history? What is special about the colour red, and what links painting and photography? These are some of the questions we will focus on.

We invite you to participate in creative and interactive activities, and to use a variety of senses. Maybe your favourite work of art from your own living room will be hung on the wall, too!

The exhibition is supplemented by selected design objects from Maihaugen’s collection, and by a group of superb paintings from Aulestad and Bjerkebæk, the homes of writers Bjørnsterne Bjørnson and Sigrid Undset, respectively.

Will we meet again?

Curator: Nils Ohlsen
Project leader: Hilde Fauskerud


Picture above: Christian Krohg, Altanen i Grønnegate (1889) Lillehammer Art Museum, photo: Jørn Hagen