LIV BLÅVARP: Jewelry // 17 June – 29 october 2017

LIV BLÅVARP: Jewelry // 17 June – 29 october 2017

Liv Blåvarp (b. 1956) creates jewellery made of wood. Her pieces are often large, expressive and colourful. She works with a wide variety of surfaces, ranging from smooth and shiny to densely decorated areas. She selects the type of wood she uses according to its degree of hardness or softness, as well as taking into account the structure of each particular piece of wood. Her preferred species to work with are maple, birch, walnut, lemon and palisander.

Her jewellery consists of individual pieces that are joined to form a whole. Thus although they are voluminous, they are also flexible and movable, and easy to wear. Sometimes identifiable forms appear in the jewellery, such as a bird’s beak, a banana or a leaf. Liv Blåvarp’s works evoke associations with nature, folk art, and life in vibrant urban centres.

A book will be published in connection with the exhibition.

Curator: Cecilie Skeide

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