MARIANNE HURUM // 16 February – 2 June 2019

MARIANNE HURUM // 16 February – 2 June 2019

In the spring of 2019 Lillehammer Art Museum is presenting an exhibition of works by artist Marianne Hurum (b. 1978). The exhibition will be created specifically for the main hall of the museum.

Marianne Hurum’s world of images is full of visual energy. Using her own colourful vocabulary of tart yellow, green, and pink, she alternates effortlessly between monumental and small sizes on canvas and paper. Her stylistic idiom is abstract and gives the impression of being spontaneous. Her colours are often highly diluted with water, and with this technique she generates a fluid sense of movement that leads both into and out of the pictures. Starting with a transparent, abstract layer of colour, identifiable shapes emerge and are repeated: the bow, the crab, and the flower. These shapes appear in her paintings, watercolours, and sculptures. Marianne Hurum has an open and free approach to art-historic traditions and, not least, the use of materials – she finds plastic as stimulating and important as bronze.

Curator: Janeke Meyer Utne
Project coordinator: Hilde Fauskerud

Photo: Heidi Johansen

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