SLOW PICTURES – Contemporary photography // 26 may – 11 september 2016

SLOW PICTURES – Contemporary photography // 26 may – 11 september 2016

In recent years we have seen steadily increasing interest in handcraft, tradition, and the material qualities of objects, a pattern that has included art photography. The tendency is frequently explained as follows: the pressure from the flood of digital images, the nearly all-encompassing digitalization, has created a need for something we can grasp with our hands, something physical, concrete, tangible. The exhibition gives a view of Norwegian art photography at a time when the fleeting, transitory nature of the digital image is dominant.



In differing ways the artists in the exhibition renew the idea of the specifically photographic. Their various working methods create delays, a kind of slowness, in the experiencing of the image so that quietness arises, a space for reflection. The exhibition deals with time—not understood as a recapitulation of frozen movement or the passing of time given symbolic expression, but involved time: the preparation for the shooting of the picture, the complex work after the shot is taken, and the time devoted to the spectator’s experience of the impact of the image’s meaning.


Is there a fundamental difference between the digital and the analog image? A goal of the exhibition is to provide a nuanced exploration of this question starting with works created across the past ten years. The artworks in Slow Pictures reveal a variety of methods that create delays, a forceful impact of meaning, and space for reflection—all working with themes of photographic processes and how viewers encounters them.



Signe Marie Andersen, Bjarne Bare, Margareta Bergman, Øystein Dahlstrøm, Ingrid Eggen, Behzad Farazollahi, Else Marie Hagen, Toril Johannessen, Eline Mugaas, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Linn Pedersen, Ola Rindal, Vilde Salhus Røed, Stein Rønning, Tom Sandberg, Marthe Elise Stramrud, Morten Torgersrud, and Marte Aas.



Curators: Christine Hansen and Janeke Meyer Utne (project leader).


A book titled Sakte bilder [Slow Pictures] is being published in connection with the exhibition. Publisher: Uten Tittel Press / Lillehammer Art Museum.

Opening 26 May 5:00 PM with author Tomas Espedal. Poetry walk with actor Eline Holbø Wendelboe.